Tim Eggington

Some of the things you can expect from Derby’s BIGGEST Breakfast show:

Flip Reverse (guess the song from the reversed clip)

The Monday Conundrum (Countdown rip-off)

The 10-Minute Megamix

Tim’s Topical 10 (10 songs with a running theme)

Tim’s Top 10 (Friday contemporary song chart)

Fake commercials and promos for shows, usually involving dogs somewhere in the dialogue…

As well as the radio show, I host as well as produce a pop music podcast. It’s called “Popcaster”, a play on the title of a well-known music quiz… Check out the podcasts by clicking on the links below:

You can contact me through the front page of this website, join “Tim Eggington’s Radio Page” on Facebook, add tim_e_hq on Instagram and @PopcasterO on Twitter. The choice is your’s! I look forward to hearing from you.


Tim’s Top 10 (week ending 7th August 2020)

Tim’s Top 10 (week ending 31st July 2020)