Heroes Of Derby

We’re really excited to launch our new initiative #HeroesOfDerby.

We are going to give the unsung heroes some special recognition for the hard work people do for the community. You can nominate via our website or email, and we will show our appreciation on social media and on air.

We would like to give a special recognition for all the unsung heroes who are providing outstanding support in the communities of Derbyshire during the current coronavirus crisis.

They could be a friendly shop assistant, a member of one of the emergency services, such as an NHS hero, a group or orginisation or even your neighbour who helps out.

If you would like to nominate an individual or organisation for recognition, simply email HOD@radioforderby.co.uk and include the nominees name, why you are nominating them and if possible a photograph. We will show them recignisation on air and on our social media sites.

By submitting a photo, you are giving Derby’s Community Radio (CIC) permission to upload the photo to our social media as part of the recognition process of this initiative. If you do not have a photo or would prefer not to submit one, that’s fine, we would still love you to submit your nomination so we can celebrate all those that are going above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic